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3 Scary Copywriting Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Copywriting – the ability to write with the objective of persuading people to take the action you want them to – is a necessary business skill in today’s digital world. Whether you write the copy yourself or outsource it, here are three mistakes to avoid.


  1. Talking About Features Instead Of Benefits

There are probably many features your product or service offers, but until a reader understands how those features benefit them, you’re wasting your time. When writing, keep your customer in mind at all times and ask yourself, “How does your product or service improve your customer’s life? What problem does it solve?” Here’s an example:


The spacious guest room offers a large, comfortable double bed.


Wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep in our large, comfortable beds.

  1. Not Having A Defined Target Audience

Defining the target reader is one of the most critical parts of the writing process. The danger here is casting your net too wide to include as many potential customers as you can. As a result, the copy may become disjointed – it’s difficult to be everything to everyone. Instead, write for your ideal customer and be as definitive as possible. As well as considering their age, location, and so on, also consider:

  • Who influences your potential customer?
  • Who is actually signing the cheques and paying you?
  • What is your potential customer’s biggest challenge?
  1. Being Too Generic

The more specific the copy, the more effective it will be. As a copywriter, it’s important to research and brainstorm the benefits of the product or service in order to write persuasively. If you don’t understand how it can help a potential customer, your copy will be vague and most likely full of generic phrases that don’t mean very much. For example:

  • Serving the finest selection of teas, the lobby lounge is a relaxing place to spend an afternoon.
  • Choose from a menu of over 30 types of tea, while enjoying sea views from the terrace of the lobby lounge.

Copywriting can be a powerful tool to drive revenue for your business if done correctly. Keep it simple, succinct, and solution-oriented and, if in doubt, hire a copywriting company such as Travel Ink to help.

Karen Osman
Karen Osman
Originally from England, Karen has lived the ex-pat life for the last 15 years across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. After completing a B.A. in Linguistics and English Language at the University of Durham, a two year period teaching in Tokyo was the start of a career that combined her two great loves; travel and the English language. Moving to Dubai in 2004, Karen engaged in a sales, marketing and public relations role for a luxury hospitality company. It was a great opportunity to develop communication for luxury brands, gaining experience in writing and adapting copy for both off-line and on-line channels. After identifying a gap in the market for specialised writing services for the travel, tourism and hospitality sector, Karen set up Travel Ink in 2011, steadily building the business to include some of the most high-profile hotels, airlines and tourism establishments in the region. In addition to her role as Managing Director, Karen is also the Travel and Tourism Chair Person for the British Business Group and a committee member of Business Network International.

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