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5 Website Content Updates To Do Today

  1. Rewrite the home page

It’s amazing how many websites don’t have a simple, clear sentence on their home page explaining what they do. Marketing speak, vague taglines, and irrelevant images confuse the reader forcing them to scroll and click to find out what you are offering and that’s if you’re lucky. Many potential customers will simply go to your competitor’s website. If your analytics report is showing a high bounce rate, consider re-writing your home page so it states exactly what you do and how you do it.

  1. Review the wording of your call to action

When visitors first come to your home page, what action can they take to have a deeper relationship with your brand? Is it a free e-book? Is it the possibility to sign up to a newsletter, or to get a quote? Whatever the offering, make sure the benefit is immediately clear. For example compare the two call to actions below:


The second one is clear in what benefit the action will provide.

  1. Include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page

One of the most useful pieces of content for websites, a well-written FAQ page has multiple benefits. It helps create trust between your brand and potential customers, it saves customer service time, it’s great for SEO, and it can address sales objections in a friendly and helpful manner. Think of all the questions your customers have asked you during the sales and operational process and collate them on your website with in-depth and easy-to-understand answers.

  1. Update your website regularly with blog posts

In order for your website to drive business, it needs to be continually updated with fresh, unique content and regular blog posts are a great way to do that. In fact, a HubSpot study shows that B2B businesses that blog generate 67% more leads than those that don’t. Click here to learn more about blogging for your business.

  1. Use quality, brand appropriate images

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text, and it’s more accustomed to processing visuals compared to the written word. Stretched, low-resolution, or images that don’t fit properly cheapen the look and feel of your website, giving a less trust-worthy impression. Ensuring that your images are powerful, incite emotion, and are of good quality will pay off dividends.

If you would like a review of your website including suggestions on how to improve the content, email or call 04 368 0882.

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Karen Osman
Karen Osman
Originally from England, Karen has lived the ex-pat life for the last 15 years across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. After completing a B.A. in Linguistics and English Language at the University of Durham, a two year period teaching in Tokyo was the start of a career that combined her two great loves; travel and the English language. Moving to Dubai in 2004, Karen engaged in a sales, marketing and public relations role for a luxury hospitality company. It was a great opportunity to develop communication for luxury brands, gaining experience in writing and adapting copy for both off-line and on-line channels. After identifying a gap in the market for specialised writing services for the travel, tourism and hospitality sector, Karen set up Travel Ink in 2011, steadily building the business to include some of the most high-profile hotels, airlines and tourism establishments in the region. In addition to her role as Managing Director, Karen is also the Travel and Tourism Chair Person for the British Business Group and a committee member of Business Network International.

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