1. What are the benefits of publishing quality content?

There are many reasons why well-written content is important but here are the main benefits:

  • It makes your brand easily searchable on Google.
  • Web visitors are likely to stay on your website longer increasing your chances of a sale.
  • By sharing your content on social media, it will attract more followers.
  • It will improve your brand’s reputation with the content ‘positioning’ your company as an expert in the industry.
  • It can be used as a tool to improve relationships with clients.
2. Well that sounds great, but what about ROI?

It depends on your objective. Google Analytics is a great tool to measure the performance of content and of course, metrics such as shares, engagement, sales leads, and so on can all be incorporated into a content strategy. If you don’t have a strategy in place, Travel Ink can advise you on this to make your investment in content worthwhile.

3. What kind of writing style does Travel Ink offer?

As commercial writers, our skill lies in writing content that is engaging while still retaining the brand’s tone of voice. A description of a tone of voice is usually found in a company’s brand guidelines and can be described as formal, friendly, informal, cheery, confident, personal, and so on. A brand’s tone of voice is an integral part of the writing process. Your brand has a personality and this personality is reflected in the words used and the sentences written. Writers use the tone of voice guide to help them create content to ensure it reflects the personality of the brand.

4. How are you different from the thousands of freelance writers out in the market?
  • First and foremost, we specialise in writing for the travel and hospitality sector. We believe we write better because we know the industry and the Middle East market. This in turn reduces research time because we’re already up to date, which means a quicker delivery for you.
  • As a communication company, we have a team of writers, editors, and digital specialists. The advantage of this is that we’re available 24/7 and always have availability, unlike a freelancer who may be busy when you need them.
  • In addition to writing services, we also offer a range of services to distribute the content including social media, and public relations as well as complementary services such as translation, training, and content strategy. Good quality content is the foundation for all effective communication, and we use our expertise to offer an integrated solution.
5. What are your rates?

Communication Strategy

We would normally charge an hourly or daily rate for this which varies between AED 300 and AED 450 per hour depending on the brief.

Content Creation and Translation

Our monthly content retainer packages start from AED 1000 per month. For project work, such as content for a new website, our rate card is currently AED 2 per word and AED 400 per hour. However, we have various discounts available depending on the size of the project.

Public Relations

Our partner company, The PR Company, offer both retainer and one-off project rates depending on the client requirements. Retainer costs start from AED 7500 per month.


We provide translation for all languages, the main one being Arabic for which we charge AED 1.5 per word. Discounts apply for five thousand words and above.


This is dependent on the number of participants, but three-hour sessions usually start from AED 3,600.


6. How do you manage large writing projects?

Writing large amounts of content for websites is one of our main areas of expertise. It can often be difficult to keep track of what needs writing, which key words need to be included, what needs reviewing, what’s ready for translation, what’s approved and so on. For every job, we have a project manager to oversee the job, one writer (or more if the timeframe demands it), and an editor to review the content. Using project management tools, we oversee the entire process from research and writing to editing and proofreading.


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