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Five Writing Resolutions To Make For 2013!

1. I will re-read emails before sending 

We’ve all done it – pressed send, only to realise in a split second, that you have sent a hastily typed, spelling-error filled mail to your biggest client. Blame it on stress, the weather, or even your mother-in-law – at the end of the day, our email correspondence speaks volumes about ourselves, our business and our level of professionalism. Save yourself the embarrassment and take a minute to re-read your emails, because we all know we can never find that elusive ‘recall’ button quick enough.

2. I will review my own website and get it updated on a regular basis

Can you remember the last time you looked at your own website? As a business or brand owner, it can be difficult to prioritise when you have clients that need managing and meetings to attend. But in today’s world, your website will be the first port of call for any potential customer so make sure it’s got all the information required to make them call you and not your competitor.

3. I will be prepared for any PR opportunities that come my way

PR is one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your business. But journalists these days are time crunched and inundated with requests to cover the next big thing. Make sure your business stands out. Get the right PR tools in place to convey the most important information and get that coverage you deserve. A well-written press kit with images, fact sheets, bios of key spokespeople, awards, company information and so on will give you a head start when dealing with the press. Our press kit packages start from just AED 2699* – email for a quote.

4. I will not rely on technology for everything 

Whether you’re thanking clients for their support or sending out invitations to an event, a hand-written expression gives a more personal touch. Put pen to paper, or even better, invest in a set of beautifully designed cards and communicate the old-fashioned way – just make sure your hand-writing skills are up to scratch.

5. I will tailor my communication

As a business it makes sense to have templates for various business processes. While this can save time, the content can quickly become dated and opportunities to show customers you understand their individual needs can be missed. To overcome this, include in your templates a section which allows you to address individual elements. This can be the recapping of the highlights of a project in a document designed to thank customers following its completion to the outline of  a customer brief in a proposal. Whatever the document, make sure your customers don’t feel like they’re just another cog in the process.

Karen Osman
Karen Osman
Originally from England, Karen has lived the ex-pat life for the last 15 years across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. After completing a B.A. in Linguistics and English Language at the University of Durham, a two year period teaching in Tokyo was the start of a career that combined her two great loves; travel and the English language. Moving to Dubai in 2004, Karen engaged in a sales, marketing and public relations role for a luxury hospitality company. It was a great opportunity to develop communication for luxury brands, gaining experience in writing and adapting copy for both off-line and on-line channels. After identifying a gap in the market for specialised writing services for the travel, tourism and hospitality sector, Karen set up Travel Ink in 2011, steadily building the business to include some of the most high-profile hotels, airlines and tourism establishments in the region. In addition to her role as Managing Director, Karen is also the Travel and Tourism Chair Person for the British Business Group and a committee member of Business Network International.

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