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Four Steps to Edit & Proofread Your Work

27,000,000 pieces of content are shared online every day, and if your content is engaging enough to read, it needs to be 100% accurate; otherwise, it will get judged negatively.

The process of editing and proofreading is critical. Use our process and checklist below to make sure your content is creating a good impression.

  1. Print out document and guidelines, if available
  2. Read through the document correcting spelling, grammatical mistakes and other inconsistencies
  3. Read through a second time, checking for more detailed issues such as:
  • Are the headings and subheadings all in the same format and contain the same punctuation?
  • Is the spelling consistent, or is it a mix of British and US English?
  • If there is a contents page, are the numbers correct?
  • Are the images captioned in the same way and have the same punctuation and format?
  • For sections with bullet points, are there full stops after each bullet point and is it consistent across the whole document?
  • Do tables and diagrams make sense and are they correctly and consistently labelled?
  • Capitalisation in body text – only proper nouns should have capital letters.
  • Ensure consistency with capitalisation- for example, job titles tend to use capitals for the first letters but style guides differ; make sure this is consistent.
  • Ensure that the spacing is consistent throughout the document.
  • Are the speech marks and apostrophes placed correctly?
  • Check numbers – is there a particular format you need to follow for consistency? The general rule is to use words for numbers up to nine.
  1. Read the document out loud; this will help you hear mistakes that you may not see when reading silently.
  2. Make use of online tools, such as Grammarly for final checks, but learn the rules yourself and don’t rely on these too heavily.

If you would prefer professional help, get in touch with us at for more information about our editing and proofreading services.


Karen Osman
Karen Osman
Originally from England, Karen has lived the ex-pat life for the last 15 years across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. After completing a B.A. in Linguistics and English Language at the University of Durham, a two year period teaching in Tokyo was the start of a career that combined her two great loves; travel and the English language. Moving to Dubai in 2004, Karen engaged in a sales, marketing and public relations role for a luxury hospitality company. It was a great opportunity to develop communication for luxury brands, gaining experience in writing and adapting copy for both off-line and on-line channels. After identifying a gap in the market for specialised writing services for the travel, tourism and hospitality sector, Karen set up Travel Ink in 2011, steadily building the business to include some of the most high-profile hotels, airlines and tourism establishments in the region. In addition to her role as Managing Director, Karen is also the Travel and Tourism Chair Person for the British Business Group and a committee member of Business Network International.

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