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The Results

Travelport explains the new Metasearch opportunity

With hotel metasearch technology developing so quickly, how do you decide where, or if, it fits into your business? In recent months, the online travel industry has sent a clear message: metasearch matters. Heavyweight OTAs are spending on metasearch, with Priceline buying Kayak, and Expedia investing in both Trivago and Room 77. Traveller review site, TripAdvisor has launched a successful hotel metasearch function, as well as winning a deal that pushes these hotel search results up front on Bing.

But does that mean that metasearch will benefit your business? The key to any decision will be considering how well your business will sit with the metasearch environment. Tracie Carillo, Head of Hospitality Sales at Travelport, identifies a few essential factors that you should take into consideration before you make that crucial decision.


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The Brief

Travel Ink was approached to prepare Travelport’s monthly business to business newsletter, which consisted of 3 articles. The challenge was writing content that was relevant to several different markets, each with its own customer profile in different languages. Therefore the copy had to be clear, simple and yet informative. Travel Ink had to also ensure that the content adhered to the stringent tone of voice and writing guidelines.

The Solution

Using information provided by Travelport, Travel Ink prepared universal, thought leading and intelligent online newsletters including a specific ‘call to action’.

The project included

• The research, development and writing of content
• Project management
• Editing and proofreading
• An understanding of the B2B market


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