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The Results

The team found the training sessions on press release writing and how to digitally optimise a press release very interesting. Here is some feedback from some of the participants:

Danielle O Neill, Account Manager
“The training was fantastic, it really got the team thinking and interacting with each other – and just goes to show what can be accomplished when working as one.”

Chris Lambert, Junior Account Manager:
“The training was very engaging, the information about creating interactive press releases was a real eye opener and definitely something I have been using since the session.”

Swati Jain, Senior Account Executive:
Karen was fantastic. It was so educational, engaging and a wonderful experience. Even after studying PR, it’s a changing market and it’s good to know and learn the different tips and tricks of the market.”


“When Q Communications decided to do some training with the team on writing skills we had no option but to go with award-writing author Karen Osman from Travel Ink. As a company that works with a significant amount of hospitality and food & beverage clients, it was important we commissioned a trainer who understood the industry."
JJ Engelbrecht, Senior Manager, Q Communications


Training, Courses & Workshops




2017 & 2020

The Brief

Q Communications has a team of excellent writers but they wanted to bring an element of consistency into the business when it came to writing press material, as well as learn about the latest best practices, including writing for digital.

The Solution

Travel Ink prepared a series of engaging two-hour workshops that aimed at achieving the objectives of the brief. Each session was designed to be interactive with each of the fifteen participants learning ‘by doing’.

The project included

• Preparation of training material
• Teaching
• Execution of exercises
• Provision of take away tools and checklists

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