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“Marketers who are goals focused, strategic in planning and action are more effective.” Content Marketing Institute

Using our research skills and expertise in the travel and hospitality industry, we base our strategies on your goals and target audience to create a unique approach that will generate results. The role of digital means that content creation and it’s distribution needs a holistic approach. No activity should be done in isolation. Our knowledge of SEO, digital PR, digital customer journeys, and e-commerce will bring everything together for a strategy that’s results-driven and easy to execute.

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Information is power and we rely heavily on data, analytics, and well-researched market intelligence. Our recommendations come from a solid understanding of your business.

Our process usually follows the following steps:

1  Initial Meeting

The initial meeting allows us to get a preliminary understanding of your communication challenges. It also allows us to meet face-to-face giving you the opportunity to ask any questions.

2  Proposal Preparation

Once your requirements have been established, we will put together the proposal for you along with some relevant examples of our work. Our proposals are fairly detailed and as well as cost will include what exactly will be delivered, when it will be delivered, and terms and conditions.

3  Project Management & Execution

Once the contract is signed, we will start work, providing you with updates as and when you feel most comfortable. If you’re busy and simply need us to get on with it, we will, but if you would like more regular updates, we’re happy to do that too.

4  Follow Up and Feedback

We’re always open to feedback and see it as an ongoing part of the process rather than something to share at the end. .

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